AARP Events And Discounts

Pacific Science Center is pleased to announce the upcoming events for AARP members and their guests.

Saturday Movie Matinees:
Exclusive screenings of our newest IMAX documentaries for AARP members the weekend they open. Ticket cost is $18 and will include a brief introduction to the film and a light breakfast followed by general exhibit admission. Please check back for dates and titles.

SPY: The Secret World of Espionage, Lecture Series:
The first Monday of the month during the SPY exhibition, AARP members and guests will have the opportunity for an exclusive look at the history of espionage. Guests will be treated to a lecture followed by Q & A by one of Pacific Science Center's Speakers Bureau members, then will have private early morning access to SPY: The Secret World of Espionage. Ticket cost is $24 and will include the lecture, a light breakfast and early morning exhibit entry to SPY. Exhibition audio guides can be added for an additional fee. Lecture dates include April 7, May 5, June 2, July 7 and August 4.

April 7: Tadayoshi Kohno
Security in a Digital World: We all know that hackers can access our computers, but did you know that they can also take control of our cars, medical devices, and even kids' toys? University of Washington computer scientist Yoshi Kohno hacks into everyday machines, deciphering how criminals could transform them into perfect spies—or lethal weapons. It's all part of an effort to make sure hackers can't turn our increasingly electronic world against us.

May 5: Feliks Banel
Fear in the Static: Preparation and Panic on the WWII Home Front
Even before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, local authorities and broadcasters were taking steps to be ready should war come to the Pacific Northwest. Once that "infamous" date arrived, civil defense, the military and local media swung into action readying for enemies both real and imagined. Media historian Feliks Banel uses vintage audio and film clips to take us back to those uncertain times on the World War II home front.

June 2: David Aucsmith
The Rosenbergs
More than 60 years ago, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were put to death in the electric chair, signaling the end of one of the most controversial cases of treason of the Cold War. Convicted of passing top-secret information about the atomic bomb to the Soviets, the couple denied any wrongdoing, protesting their innocence until death. Now, hear the full story of what really happened and how the Rosenbergs' actions contributed to history.

July 7: Dr. Greg Witkop
Inside Intelligence Gathering: A History of the CIA, FBI, NSA and More
Our country has engaged in espionage since we became a sovereign nation. George Washington, America's first spymaster, said in 1777, "The necessity of procuring good intelligence is apparent and need not be further urged. All that remains for me to add is, that you keep the whole matter as secret as possible." In this provocative presentation, learn the history of our nation's intelligence gathering agencies including the CIA, FBI, NSA, NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), and Department of Defense and discover the roles each plays in protecting our country's interests at home and abroad.

AARP Member Admission Discount
25% off regular exhibit admission to AARP members and up to three guests during 2014. Tickets may be purchased on site, online or by calling 1-800-664-8775.

For Information regarding the Wednesday morning events, movie matinees, lecture series or to purchase tickets for these events call (206) 443-2931. Ticket sales close at 5 p.m the day before each event and are not available online. Tickets will not be available the day of the event.